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Currently, the health declaration srilanka is disabled. You can apply for an electronic visa to Srilanka.

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General information about the Sri Lanka Health Declaration Form

As a response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government of Sri Lanka has decided to introduce some protective measures. One of them is the introduction of a mandatory health declaration form. All incoming travelers to Sri Lanka, including Sri Lankan nationals and residents, must complete the Sri Lankan Health Declaration Form before their travel.

The Sri Lanka Health Declaration should be completed no later than 2 weeks before the intended arrival due to the numerous applications that may extend the processing time.

The declaration needs to be submitted by every traveler regardless of their nationality or status of immunization. A traveler will be asked to provide some basic personal data, travel details, and health information.

What is more, every applicant will need to upload some additional documents to validate their stay in Sri Lanka.

Once you successfully submit your data into your health declaration to Sri Lanka, you should receive a PDF file containing the confirmation of submitting the form properly. The confirmation receipt must be presented upon your arrival in Sri Lanka during the border control.

Who must submit a Health Declaration Form for Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka requires all travelers to complete a health declaration form in advance of their planned entry to this island country, including the following categories of travelers:

  • foreign visitors
  • nationals of Sri Lanka
  • foreign residents of Sri Lanka
  • foreign diplomats and businesspersons
  • individuals traveling for humanitarian reasons

Important note: Please do remember that children also need to complete the Health Declaration Form to Sri Lanka. However, it should be done by their parents or guardians who need to complete a separate declaration on their behalf. Underage travelers cannot be just added to the declaration form of an adult traveler.

Requirements to complete Sri Lanka PLF

Travelers need to meet the basic requirements to submit their health declaration forms to Sri Lanka. They simply need to have:

  • a stable Internet connection
  • a working electronic device
  • a valid means of online payment
  • an active and frequently used email address
  • a valid passport/NIC (National Identity Card for Sri Lanka citizens)
  • a vaccination proof (if vaccinated)
  • a document with the exact travel date
  • travel details including the planned date of departure

Currently, the health declaration srilanka is disabled. You can apply for an electronic visa to Srilanka.

Apply for eTA Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Health Declaration Application Instruction

The Sri Lankan Passenger Locator Form is to be completed entirely online using any electronic device. You will need to submit all the essential information and required documents in the short online form. To complete your application within minutes, follow these single steps:

  1. Provide all the necessary data in the online declaration form
  2. Check twice whether your declaration does not contain mistakes
  3. Upload the necessary documents
  4. Cover the processing fee
  5. Submit the form for final approval
  6. Wait for an email containing the confirmation message with a PDF file
  7. Download the confirmation on your mobile device and/or print it out

Please note that if you are not able to show the confirmation of your properly completed Sri Lankan PLF, you may encounter some problems upon crossing the border or even be denied entry to the island. Make sure you have the confirmation of your PLF either on your smartphone or any other electronic device or take the physical copy of your declaration for your trip.

Sri Lankan Coronavirus-related entry requirements

Currently, the Sri Lankan authorities allow entry to the country both to not vaccinated and fully vaccinated visitors who do not need to have essential travel reasons.

Covid-19 testing requirements do not apply for fully immunized travelers, while non-vaccinated or those who have not received the full regimen of coronavirus vaccine must provide a negative report of either:

  • an antigen rapid test performed within 48 hours before the planned arrival*
  • a PCR test taken within 72 hours before the intended arrival

*Please do note that you are not allowed to provide a report of the self-swab antigen test.

Fully vaccinated travelers

Those who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will face minimal entry requirements to arrive in Sri Lanka without needing to be tested before arrival. They can also access all tourist sites across the island without any limitations.

Non-fully vaccinated travelers

Travelers who have not received a full regimen of Covid-19 vaccine, are allowed to enter Sri Lanka with a pre-departure negative test. After arrival, they will need to stay within the Tourism Bio Bubble for the first week, and afterward, they may continue their travel and visit approved tourist sites with some limitations.

Other requirements

Sri Lanka requires all visitors, regardless of the vaccination status, to purchase travel insurance, including Covid19 coverage, for the entire duration of their planned stay.